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Mapduh is curing hundreds of mapping projects sense of lonlieness

Mapduh is the easiest way to make your online maps social. See them here.

Easily manage and customize multiple Maps

Easily manage multiple Maps

Each Map can be customized with privacy settings, handfuls of professional
map tiles, and custom icons. Add, Create or Follow & Join as many Maps as you want.

Privacy Controls up the Wazoo

Share Your Maps with Everyone, or a Select Few

Set each Map to public, protected or private. Public Maps can be accessed by anyone,
and private Maps are only seen by who you invite. Watch the Video!


Ironically, Online Maps Are Like Islands

We take away all the loneliness of existing maps by instantly adding a social layer for Followers to track and share your map! Wow?

Get your feet wet by shortening and submitting a few map links here.

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Map Your World Like Never Before

When mapping can't wait. Map New Places instantly to any of your Mapduh Maps
with our new iPhone or Android mobile app (Summer '12).

Richard Hunt Sculptures

Richard Hunt Sculptures

Explore the sculptures of brilliant sculptor Richard Hunt with installations all over the world Visit this Map!

Outstanding in the Field Tour 2012

Outstanding in the Field Tour

Jim Denevan and a wonderful array of Chefs, Farmers, and Local Guest take their dinners back to the land. Visit this Map!

City Song Albums Titles

City Song Album Titles

Music lover Andy shares his video and dozens more on this cool map. Visit this Map!

Brett Dennen Concert Map

Brett Dennen Concert Map

A concert map following tour dates for all you Brett Heads! Visit this Map!

The Singularity (Summits)

The Singularity (Summits)

A Historical look at the Singularity Summits, where the events took place, the major events/announcements and the speakers who taught us. Visit this Map!

Essentially, It's a Map Duhrectory too

Mappers use Mapduh to create, share and broadcast maps like never before. Browse Maps!

Learn more about how the web is using it. Coming Soon!