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Americans Drink More Soda

If any country has a soda problem, it’s the United States. Our thirst for soda is so great that public-health advocates want to tax it and New York City wants to limit serving sizes. Americans are the biggest cola […]

Where Hispanics Live

In the race to the White House, no ethnic group is more prized than Hispanics. President Obama ended deportations for some young undocumented immigrants, and the Romney campaign is vetting Sen. Marco Rubio, […]

Extraditions to the U.S.

Were you wondering which countries extradite the most fugitives to the United States? We were! While WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange bunks at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden, other […]

Obama Drone Strikes in Pakistan

The war in Iraq is over, and the war in Afghanistan is ending, but unmanned aerial drones continue to wage an expansive war on terrorism. Obama has ratcheted up his predecessor’s tactic of deploying unmanned a […]

Americans Who Shirk the Census

House Republicans earlier this month voted to end the American Community Survey, a rich source of detailed data about Americans lives. But when it comes to the basic census, willingness to answer the federal […]

2012 Gas Price Hikes

Generally, global prices for crude oil drive gas prices in the United States. But regional variations in supply mean drivers in some metropolitan areas have seen sharper price hikes than others this year. Cities […]

Student Loan Debt by School

The map below draws on data from the New America Foundations Federal Education Budget Project, and details the debt loads at more than 1,800 four-year colleges and universities. State-level averages are […]

Mormon Population in America

On the map below, you can see for yourself where Mormons have settled in the intervening centuries. Zoom in and out to dig into the county data, and click to drag the map around for better viewing. As the map […]