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Outstanding in the Field 2012 Tour

Join Jim Denevan and a wonderful array of Chefs, Farmers, and Local Guest take their dinners back to the land. These events are each one of a kind and bring land and food together in a local way all their own.

King Nuc Beekeepers Map

Are you starting or keeping a King Nuc? We want to hear from you! Join and Follow Our Map and Share Your Story, Photos, YouTube Video Links and Personal Website or Blogs with us. We always enjoy hearing about your […]

Singularity Summit & Events Maps

A Historical look at the Singularity Summits and related events, where the events took place, the major events/announcements and the speakers who taught us.

NASA Centers & Facilities

NASA has many Space Centers and research and testing facilities across the US. Each NASA location has a dedicated website and social media channels to bring you images, videos and interactive features from the […]

21st Century Hurricane Map

Map to show where the biggest Hurricanes of our times are. IF you don’t see one you know about, please add and update the group. Thanks.